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Qualified trainers

Our personal training services are tailored to meet your individual needs. Whether you want expertise in enhancing aerobic fitness, sustainable weight loss, strength training for daily living or simply a little extra motivation, our trainers can assist you in achieving your goals. Sessions can be provided on a one to one basis or to small groups.

Body assessments

The body assessment gives you an indication of your muscle mass, bone mass, fat percentage, water percentage, visceral fat and your metabolic age.

Cardiovascular division

This section is equipped with:

  • treadmills
  • cross-trainer
  • exercise bikes
  • rowing machines
  • stepper

Bootcamp, aerobics and other group classes studio

We have a variety of fitness classes that are free to members aimed at improving your fitness, strength and flexibility.

Classes are available to suit all members, from young, to lively members in their prime.

We have:

  • high tempo classes (e.g. aerobics – steps)

The above is a style of physical movement designed to increase heart rate combining traditional, low-impact aerobics movements with higher impact strength-training movements to create a comprehensive fitness routine that supports heart health and weight loss.

  • strength and conditioning classes (e.g.bootcamp)

Bootcamp is a great programme comprised of cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. This class is energetic, exciting, exuberant and exhilarating and consistently remains challenging. A great class for those that want to see a change in their body shape.

Spinning division

  • 19 spinning bikes

Spinning classes are a great way to get you fit through a vigorous workout by burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape whilst pedalling to some great tunes.

Current spinning schedule: Mon to Fri 5h00 am, 7h15 am and 17h30 pm

Weight & circuit training division

This section is equipped with:

  • dumbbells from 0.5kg to 60kg
  • cable machines
  • flat benches
  • incline benches
  • barbells
  • cable crossovers
  • squat rack
  • smith machine and
  • various other circuit machines
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